The Riverview Education Foundation (REF) is a non-profit, volunteer organization established to enhance the educational opportunities of Riverview School District students.
It's for the kids!

REF Grants Program

Fall 2015 Grant Season Opens August 15th

Our current grant season will run from August 15- October 31. Click here to use our online grant application. All grants must be supported and endorsed by a building administrator. Please review the criteria and restrictions for grants before submission. Any questions may be directed to Grants Administrators, Amy Jacobson and Laura Knox at

You will receive an email confirmation once your grant has been received. If you do not receive an email from the Grants Administrator, your grant has not been submitted. Please contact Amy or Laura if you have any questions.

This grant template can be used to organize and plan your grant before submitting applications via the online tool. Please do not submit this form via US mail or email. Grants will only be accepted via the online tool, which is accessible above.

District Funding Priorities and Initiatives

REF representatives meet annually with RSD staff to identify district funding priorities for the following school year. These district funding priorities guide REF’s fundraising efforts for the year. In instances where a particular district funding initiative is identified, REF may perform targeted fundraising around the initiative and the initiative may be promoted at REF events.

Classroom and School Enrichment Grants

REF classroom and school enrichment grants support a broad range of projects and materials that enhance the District curriculum and actively engage students in learning. Two types of grants are awarded: General and Health and Wellness. Teachers, staff, parents and students may apply. Parent and student applications must have a school staff sponsor, and all grants must be approved by the principal of the school involved. Individual classroom grants will be awarded up to $1000. Grade-level, department-wide, or school-wide programs serving less than 300 students will be awarded up to $3000. School-wide programs serving more than 300 students will be awarded up to $5000.

Grant Criteria

Enrichment grants are based strictly on merit. Priority will be given to projects that:

  • Stimulate learning and enhance or expand the school curriculum
  • Support innovative teaching methods
  • Possess a high degree of active student engagement
  • Maximize the number of students involved
  • Introduce useful supplies/resources to the school
  • Have potential for repetition or can be adapted to other classes/groups

Health and Wellness grants are held to the same criteria as the General grants, but also must support or promote the physical, nutritional, or emotional health and wellness of Riverview students.

NOTE: Preference will be given to projects implemented during school hours, but exceptional extracurricular proposals will be considered.

Grant Restrictions

The REF Classroom and School Enrichment Grant Program does not fund:

  • Salaries
  • Substitute or release time for Riverview staff
  • Projects, materials or programs not consistent with the goals of the Riverview School District
  • Reimbursement for projects, materials, or programs

 Grant Award Recipients

Examples of past grant awards

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